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“We look for events to unlock value for the Shareholders.”

GWA Capital Partners believes that value is created through careful research and a proactive dialogue with company management and its shareholders.

Often we invest contrary to the sentiment on The Street. Such companies have often experienced a stock price decline of more than 50% (over a two-year period) making the company under-valued. We invest with the opinion the company has positive event-driven opportunities that may enhance shareholder value.

We define proactive investing as "investing with the intention of working with Management and Shareholders to effect a change in the company's operations, or increase shareholder value." GWA’s track record has demonstrated that our process has been successful in a variety of situations. This investment method is intended to reduce the risk associated with traditional stock investments.

We will seek to position the Fund to earn a return on investment by identifying and investing in solid businesses that sell at distressed prices due to operational, event-driven, or management-related issues, and then working to effect changes that will create value for all shareholders.

By working constructively to influence a company's management and board, GWA believes that our Fund can be the catalyst necessary to unlock shareholder value.

"But one thing is for sure: The next time Guy Adams decides to take on a big company, he won't have any trouble being taken seriously."

- Institutional Investor Magazine, April 10, 2002

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